Architectural Design Standards

Overlay District Regulations

Commercial, condominium, and multi-family properties located along major thoroughfares in the city are located within an overlay district that enacts additional design standards that must be met. The overlay district extends 1,000 feet on either side of all thoroughfares. Within the overlay district, properties are subject to specific standards for such things as building architecture, material, color, landscaping, parking, and access.

The purpose of these regulations is to encourage high quality nonresidential, condominium, and multifamily development by avoiding poor building design and by creating a rich, harmonious blend of quality buildings. The codes are intended to influence architectural design, construction, and reconstruction of buildings in a manner that achieves a visually desirable environment in a safe and beneficial manner complementing such buildings' surroundings and protecting private property values.

Design Review Submittal Requirements

Please have the following completed and ready when you submit your design review:

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